Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anwar Ridhwan & ASEAN Short Stories and Poems

Title of Book: The S.E.A. Write Anthology of ASEAN Short Stories & Poems : The 3oth Anniversary.
Editors: Nutaya Masavisut & Ellen Boccuzzi.
Editorial Consultants: Srisurang Poolthupya, Ngarmpun Vejjajiva & Paranee Wisate.
ISBN 978-974-257-734-6
Published ( in 2008) and Distributed by:
Silkroad Agency,
32/3 Sukhumvit 31 (Sawasdee) Road,
Watana, Bangkok 10110.
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Notes from M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra (Chairman of the S.E.A. Write Organising Committee): "Since 1979 the S.E.A. Write Awards has played a significant role in promoting and recognizing contemporary writers, dramatists, and poets of the ASEAN countries. It has also encouraged literary exchange and cooperation amongst ASEAN writers.
To commemorate the 30th anniversary, the Organizing Committee deems it appropriate that after three decades of continued success, some of the award-winning works should be translated, compiled, and published as an anthology. With the publication of such an anthology, international readers would be able to appreciate these ASEAN masterpieces."

Contents : Selected short stories and poems from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, MALAYSIA, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Friends - Anwar Ridhwan (2002) page 66-77
Again - Kemala (1986) page 78
The Echoes of Prayer - Dharmawijaya (1993) page 79-80
A Flute and That Old Man - Lim Swee Tin (2000) page 81

About the authors : Anwar Ridhwan (page 276) : Dr. Anwar Ridhwan was born in 1949. He attended the University of Malaya where he received a Bachelor of Arts in 1973. Upon graduation, he was offered a post at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Institute of Language and Literature) Malaysia, where he began his career as an editor of several magazines.
Dr. Anwar Ridhwan has written several collections of short stories that have been translated into English, Arabic, Hungary, Japanese, German, French, Russian and Thai. He also has written many award-winning novels, poetry and works for the stage.