Monday, April 27, 2009

Anwar Ridhwan : Accolades by Krishen Jit, Usman Awang, Rahmah Bujang

[On Yang Menjelma dan Menghilang, Those Who Appear and Those Who Disappear] From simplicity to complexity, and it is obvious that no drama is more complex than this one… It is a classical phenomena that most (Malay) dramatist cling to simplicity in order to capture larger audience, until finally we discover a drama which is very complex, as far as writing of contemporary Malay drama is concerned.
What is more amazing is the dramatist’s ability to grasp and manipulate the rich and complex world of imagination. The resulting piece of work is a drama that was created through a multi-leveled scheme with the intention to uncover human characteristics while venturing through time and approaching the realm of the metaphysics. Also, the writer shows a very schrewd and sharp mind, receptable to all the problems he was addressing.